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Chasing Sunsets
Saying farewell
while tainting the sky
with titian hue
orange drops murking
the quiet ocean of blue
your spirit ripples
across the yawning sky
this is how I yearn to die
to leave the world
brighter than before
even if the night is certain
to invade and the shadows
linger in uproar
to leave fingerprints in the sky
and on the waters
a legacy of colors
to leave the world
with the dying of the sun
perhaps to be forgotten
buried under the horizon
into oblivion
save for the colors
of twilight.
:iconbayen:bayen 0 0
I saw you
Fly like the air
Is but a staircase
And gravity
A figment of imagination.
You threw your arms
Toward the sun
The blinding light
That beckons
And your spirit bent over.
I saw you
Desiring, yearning,
As you stretch
To the heaven
For that one thing
Neither God nor His angels
Could grant you.
I saw you
Leap from cloud to cloud,
Eyes fixed to the sun
-no, past the sun, -
Behind the yellow stream
Of incandescence,
Nothing would seem
To stop you,
Nothing between your longing
And what you longed for.
But I saw you
And your wings melted
Into midday rain,
Falling to the earth
One drop at a time,
Like tears that run
Along the furrows
Of a waxen face.
I saw you burn
Across the blanket of blue
Into the bend where
The stars wait
And the moon prepares
To catch your embers.
I saw you fall
A streak of red
Against a dark canvass,
A stain in the glorious
Skirts of half gods and heroes.
Your tragedy
Is not in your dying,
O beautiful falling star,
But it lies in the thought
That none saw your fal
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Empty Chairs
I turn around
towards the sound
of your absence,
a longing for your presence,
yet you've run away.
After all the truths and dares
I end up with empty chairs.
the song plays on
from night 'till dawn,
It is a different day.
Here lie the choices
where once our voices
chase the forgotten years,
We conquered our fears
and now I am afraid.
Afraid of empty spaces
and lost embraces,
of flying solo
heading for tomorrow,
of memories that fade.
Still I wait for the chance
to have that one last dance
in wide empty spaces,
hands cradling faces,
and shadows are in madness.
For now I sit silent
with somber sentiment
beside a vacated chair
in a room full yet bare,
a crowd of emptiness.
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Once a year
At least
I recollect the scent
Of your shampoo
That shamed the garden of Eden
Greeting the sleepy morning,
Silky kisses tracing,
Rushing and then slowing down
To wait for the sunrise
That comes
At least once a year
Waiting at
The infinities between your embrace
Soft hands, quiet eyes,
That whispered words
Cuddling the quivering lips
All through the night
At least once a year
I open wounds
Layer upon layer
Wiping every blood
Escaping, gaping, hurting
And the sun would blind
The weary eyes dried
And the heart breaks
And it un-breaks
At least once a year
There are hopes
And there are regrets
They walk barefoot in
Early dawn where birds
Do not sing yet
And the stars fade -no, die-
Right above empty benches,
Beside bus stops
Where choices are limited
And answers are delayed
Or at least they come
Once a year.
:iconbayen:bayen 0 0
The Enchanted River :iconbayen:bayen 2 0
The River
Let me show you a secret,
in the hallowed space
of a forest forgotten.
On the riverbank come wait,
under the sunshine softly
raining through the ancient green.
Sit beside me and rest
and in a while you'll hear
the river sings a treasured story.
It tells of yesterdays,
of promises made in yester-years,
along with fleeting tears.
It tells of broken hearts,
of mended souls, of lovers lost,
of lovers found and kept forever.
It tells of whispered hopes,
of quiet thoughts, of ambitions,
in search of peace and truth.
It enchants you, lifts you,
brings you to a world of dreams,
flowing into the hideaways.
It distracts you, mystifies you,
makes you remember and forget,
this song, this river, the silence.
Here in the gentle current,
from the spring unknown,
we will confess our own secrets
and only the river shall hear,
and it shall hide them forever,
like the other secrets made
in the banks of Encantado.
And when our lives are nearly spent,
we shall find our steps
back into the riverside,
and we
:iconbayen:bayen 1 0
I Am Your Manager
So I was told I will be your manager.
Then, let me be clear about some things as your manager.
One: I am your manager, but not your master. Therefore, while my name might appear a little above yours in the organizational chart, it doesn't imply superiority. Therefore, don't treat me as somebody you should "obey", as slaves would with their masters. You are not a subordinate. As your manager I will engage you in every step of the way, arriving at mutual agreements and not dictates. I will seek for your opinion for I value it more than mine. I manage your growth and development at work so you can find better opportunities to obey your true master: your Passion.
Two: I am your manager and since I manage you as a person, my most precious investment with you is trust. I trust in your capacity. I trust in your capability. I trust in your creativity. I trust in your energy. I am not the center of your world. So I will not always tell you what to do. That is not my job. I manage opportunities
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When You Are In Love
When you are in love with someone
you cannot keep it a secret.
You have to tell the world
how much you love that someone.
It is fatal to hold this feeling
within yourself.
So, when you are in love,
tell it to the Universe,
write it on a lonely wall,
scribble it on a crumpled paper,
carve it on a neighbor's tree,
paint it beneath the ivory clouds.
Don't whisper it. Shout it.
Scream it from the rooftops,
above the highest mountain,
while on a ferris wheel,
above the water falls,
on top of the platform
as the train creeps to leave.
Let not the noise of the world
discourage you from confessing.
Even if you're not allowed to,
say it straight and clear,
inside a library,
inside a coffee shop,
inside a church,
in the middle of screaming fans
in a crowded football stadium,
in the middle of a cemetery
where cherubims guard those who sleep.
In moments when words cannot express
the profoundness of your love,
tell it in the touch of your hand,
in the twinkle of a teardrop,
in the brevity of a smil
:iconbayen:bayen 1 0
In The Furnace
I am inside the furnace
wrapped by the heat of the flames.
It is painful and yet
it is necessary.
I resisted at first
but I could not escape
the fires that smooth the edges.
Often the hammer comes
one blow after another
and I feel the strike
   in every frustration at work,
   in every struggle at home,
   in every disappointment in life.
The hammer strikes
and I feel the bashing
   in the wounding criticism,
   in the loss of a loved one,
   in the separation from family,
   in the mockery of betrayal.
I fear that I shall break
in the next beating
and I shall shatter into pieces
beyond mending.
But in every hard brush
of the heavy metal
I feel stronger, braver,
stouter, firmer.
So I shall be patient
while I endure the trials
inside this merciless furnace.
I shall trust the invisible hand
that holds me over the flames,
confident that one day
my time shall arrive when I
will be pulle
:iconbayen:bayen 1 0
Full Moon
Wide-eyed moon
why do you stare?
You stare with ridicule
while I gaze at you
with envious eyes.
It shall be over soon,
this predicament unfair.
For while on this calm pool
I lay half-covered with dew,
you sing me songs of lies.
One day I shall own
the light you leave in traces,
drifting on a sea serene.
I shall keep it in my bones,
memories of your many faces;
across the mist so lean.
For now, I shall settle
as your awe-struck watcher,
always jealous, always amazed
by the fullness of your deception.
The fates will meddle,
I fear, to renew the future.
You will be dazed
by my dreams' conception.
:iconbayen:bayen 0 0
Love Letter
A love letter
rolled inside an old bottle,
cast into the sea,
welcomed by the waves.
It drifts to search
the ivory sands
where the Lover waits
for her love.
The sea that separates
is the same sea that links
one longing soul
to another
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Mature content
Blessed Dirt :iconbayen:bayen 0 0
Sun Lover
Alas, the tears on my face,
lost in the warmest chase
of the sun's trembling hand,
forerunner of summer days.
I feel her fingers rough with sand,
I am her slave in this hidden place
where soul meets fire eternal.
Even if her kiss can melt away
the memory, gone in wind's sway,
fast as the blink of a lover's eye.
With stretched arms I chant to pray
longing for her lips, lips to die
for every single and finite day,
love in exchange for fire infernal.
:iconbayen:bayen 0 0
Madness Of An Insomniac
A pause in a sequence of breaths
Gasping in between
Enough time for a thought
To pass through the thickness
Of present realities,
A shattered glass of ideals,
Of dreams, of ambitions,
Dried cup of wishful thinking,
Is there ever a chance to retrieve
What was once regained?
Even if I should numb myself,
Can I still lift my face
To see its reflection, and call it
Worthy of being loved?
Unlovable they may seem,
My eyes still sparkle with the tears
My incapable hands
Can never wipe away.
My mind has always wondered
If the body it dictates
Can ever be better than it
Can make itself think of.
For even when it is naked
Underneath these sheets,
My mind can only see the scars
It wears.
And the lips can never lie,
Even when it mumbles as it speaks
What can only be described as
In every whisper spoken
Against the dark of evening,
The withered soul rides
above its crest
a trail of smoky foam follows,
poor cover up for the self-pity
incarnated in words.
Until the tip of heaven’s
:iconbayen:bayen 0 0
Strong hearts can defend
the fragile trust
from the whip of slandering
but the loss of blood
has made me weak;
how long can one stand
the numbness
of his flesh?
In the arms of evening
a cold shudder covers
like a blanket,
moon-lit scent mingles
with twilight's dew.
I long for the warmth
of mid-day, where snow melts
and the air is breath
that fills the spirit.
Perhaps my salvation
is in the long embrace
witnessed by the sun
blessed by the heavens,
a secret well-kept,
hidden from the envious moon.
Embrace me for a minute longer,
lips trembling for a kiss.
:iconbayen:bayen 1 2
Men and Gods
The affairs of men
are a joke to the Gods
who stare at us since Time
created itself, along with Sin, with Death
and Life, too.
The lives of men
amuse the eternal dead,
in frozen smiles they giggle,
perhaps more bewildered than amused.
For we ride the merry-go-round,
and we run in circles,
racing against others in blindfolds,
stumbling, fumbling, groping
the darkness that has never
escaped our eyes, even when
we light the candles that never melt,
or seek the sun that never sets.
And in the shadows we play
and in every game we make certain
that somebody wins
and somebody loses.
We promise ourselves never to lose.
Headless creatures
swimming in tepid broth,
in a bowl leaking at the sides,
how can this be amusing
to them?
Perhaps if we share a seat
in the balcony of heaven
where these gods fatten themselves
until they explode to our own amusement,
perhaps if we sit on their laps
and dine over the same dish
they fill their throats until
nausea tickles their guts,
perhaps if we see ourselves
:iconbayen:bayen 0 0

Random Favourites

TheLight at theEnd of theWorld :iconloreena24:Loreena24 848 295 UNPROCESSed :iconadapter:adapter 7 29
Wear your mask of perfection,
without itů you're full of shame.
People can see right through it,
see all of your flaws.
[Society is to blame]
Create your illusion,
someone the world will accept.
A picture perfect lie,
for you to conceal the truth.
Hidden is your individuality,
buried by disgrace.
Your fears control your life,
they own you.
Round and round you go,
in this never-ending circle.
Never stopping to think,
what you have lost.
You've become something much worse,
than what you started out to be.
You've lost your identity.
:iconswordexpert:Swordexpert 2 36
side view :icongesper:gesper 1 7
Pretend it's all a nightmare.
A faded wish painted with dispair.
Can't see why they don't even care.
Soon, I'll get you out of here.
Blood of tar, and heart of stone.
Turning time into something so cold.
Eyes of ash, and touch of death.
Tear everything apart that has feeling left.
Broken promises begging to die.
Hollowed out with no reason why.
Sympathy being paid to lie.
Held at gunpoint, forbidden to cry.
Blood of tar, and heart of stone.
Turning time into something so cold.
Eyes of ash, and touch of death.
Tear everything apart that has feeling left.
I'm sorry they can't see
What they really do to me.
A menace in my society.
Why can't this die already?
Blood of tar, and heart of stone.
Turning time into something so cold.
Eyes of ash, and touch of death.
Tear everything apart that has feeling left.
August 12, 2004
:iconsoul-of-fire:Soul-Of-Fire 7 12
Our Seperate Lives
It was a petty fight
And I thought it's just all right
But it was the reason why
You cried all through the night
I let you walk out the door
Thinking that you would come back
But you found another guy
And it hurt me so bad
Refrain I
I never realized that it would the end
And now I'm all alone, crying on my bed
Our separate lives
I know that we can make it
We have to move on
It won't be too long
Our separate lives
Our love wil find its way
Baby our hearts should stay
So don't be afraid to live. . .
Our separate lives
Now i found my girl
And she said she loves me too
But i can't explain, i can't understand
Why i'm still thinking for you
You said you wanna come back
But it's so hard to do
Coz the strings are tightly attached
And it can't be cut into two
Refrain II
I know that we can be together again
So baby we should hold on and never loose our hands
:icongesper:gesper 1 2
Something Genuine
"You make me sick."
Slapped with sudden rage.
Scroll down the page.
"You care too much."
Is that a damn crime?
I do it all the time.
Where the hell did this come from?
I never hurt you, not even once.
Haven't given a reason for this banter.
Hurt me with your type of cancer.
"Too complacent."
I'm not hollow like them.
Just seems that way every now and then.
"Too complex."
Being such has saved me
From more pain and degrading.
Where the hell did this come from?
I never hurt you, not even once.
Haven't given a reason for this banter.
Hurt me with your type of cancer.
"Too daydreamer."
I like to escape this world.
I'm not like every other girl.
"Too obsessive."
I don't control anything.
They have their own feelings.
Where the hell did this come from?
I never hurt you, not even once.
Haven't given a reason for this banter.
Hurt me with your type of cancer.
"Too what I like about you."
Now I'm confused.
So I mean something to you?
"Thank you for being genuine."
So now
:iconsoul-of-fire:Soul-Of-Fire 3 14
Light In The Darkness
I walked along the streets at night
Hoping to find some peace of mind
That I could call my own
Unencumbered by the life behind
No friends to care were there
And when it seemed all hope was gone
I found someone who said I belonged
That though the world hurled
Cares and despairs
It did not mean that He wasn't there
He never forgot me
Nor left me alone
He was always there waiting
To guide me home
A place where there is no sadness or pain
Where no one will have to feel lonely again
Now I know the way
And I'm living each day
Striving to be more like Him
In all that I do
:iconeellysidil:EEllysidil 3 13
Food Tripping 2: Satay Man :iconsyobe:syobe 2 11
Higher Power
A child woke up one dark and stormy night to find a strange shadowed figure sitting beside her bed. THe girl calmly said, "Who, who are you... I know you."
   And the figure replied in a deep voice, "I am Lucifer, the un-dead. I am the one your parents warned you about when you were younger. The one you learn about in Sunday school while praying for your sins.
   I am the creature that hides under your bed waiting for you to fall into a deep sleep so that I can creep into your dreams and fill them with evil. I am the monster in your closet, which is why you keep it bolted shut at night.
I am the man in the car holding the chocolate, summoning for you to come close enough for me to rip your soul apart.
   I torment your thoughts and destroy your innocence. I am the evil force that guides you through life thinking that wrong is more delightful than right.
I am the highest of power. STRONGER THAN GOD HIMSELF, just waiting to take over this path
:iconswordexpert:Swordexpert 2 15
From the moment,
our lips met...
I felt passion arise,
I could never forget.
The way you tasted,
the gleam in your eyes.
The beauty of the moment,
like winning a grand prize.
From the moment,
our bodies touched,
I felt passion arise,
....never felt so much.
The way you looked,
that wonderful night,
I shall always remember...
till the end of all time.
:iconswordexpert:Swordexpert 3 8
Trust Fund Baby
i'm on 35,
stuck somewhere
between point a
and point b and
surrounded by a
myriad of no-tale
i'm on 35,
moving two miles
an hour, seemingly
bumper to bumper,
but still another
three exits away.
i'm on 35,
heading to see
my trust-fund
baby, hoping that
again tonight
she can score.
i'm on 35,
but beginning
to exit; one
mile closer to
what i've been
needing all day.
she comes
up to my car
and opens the
door wearing
her torn up
johnny rotten
shirt; she says
dressing rich
is so unhip.
she comes,
because I'm
all that she's
got; she says
she likes me
because I'm
so 1985.
she comes
when i come,
even though
i let her think
she has some
she comes
with the money;
i come with
the fašade of
love that she's
been building
me up to be.
one day,
she questioned
my love, so
i kissed her
like i really
meant it.
one day,
she had no
money, so i
was forced to
be sober with
her the whole
fucking night.
one day,
the bitch up
and killed
for no
:iconthenakedlunch:thenakedlunch 11 35
I wanted to be there,
to watch you die.
But I can't make it,
so that's why I'm sending this lie.
I told you I would see it,
come to pass.
But let's just face it,
that promise will never last.
And now that I see the answers.
I don't want to wake,
to face the world again,
when your life is at stake.
My nightmares are finally coming true,
now that I know,
that I don't want them to.
My eyes are bleeding shut,
I can't keep them open,
to see whats up.
I told you that I would be there,
to watch the world burn.
But I can't make it,
I gotta study and learn,
that what I use to say was shit.
And now that I see the answers.
I don't want to wake,
to face the world again,
when your life is at stake.
The noose is tangled now,
in our knotted hair.
Your tears and mingled on my brow.
And I fight the anger.
I said I wanted to be there,
to watch you die.
But I'm already there.
So twisted in our lies.
I can't free myself from you.
When I've already become you.
To let you die,
is my own suicide.
And now tha
:iconslaymaker:Slaymaker 2 5



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